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Atacama Desert

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Easter Island

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Abner Silva

” We traveled to Chile in January 2018 with three groups. We were 132 people – we received differentiated support from the Partner Reps team and we returned to Brazil fully satisfied. The services were provided above our expectations, with total security and exquisite service “.

Núcleo Viagens

Charles Rossner

” A very responsible and partner company. I was with a group in August, where we hired several services with Partner Reps. All services were perfect. Vehicle in perfect condition, very qualified Tourist Guide. Punctuality in all services. Office support always very agile and enlightening.
I recommend!”
RS Turismo

Renato Paes Leme

” A partnership in Chile of many years that bears fruit with very satisfied customers. “

Propósito Turismo

Ronaldo Andrade

” I was very satisfied with the services provided to my group in June 2019. Thank you very much and until the next group. “

Aquarius Viagens

Leonel Perdigão

” A great partner in Chile, professionalism and competence. Congratulations! “

Senior Travel Operadora


Marques Araujo

” MA Turismo is pleased to thank the reception that our group had in Santiago for the New Year of 2019/2020 by the Partner Reps Chile team. “

MA Turismo