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The Lakes and Volcanoes Region invites you to discover beautiful landscapes with destinations full of magic and charm. Myths and legends are a daily bread, and gastronomic traditions will surprise you.

Famous by destination as the Chiloé archipelago, where traditions mix with popular magic giving life to characters such as the Trauco (creature with features similar to an ogre that walks through the forests) and the Caleuche (ghost ship that appears in the coasts), which enliven the tourist interest of all those who step on this mystical island.

But not only Chiloé will captivate you, as well as the beautiful cities of Osorno and Puerto Montt where the pristine nature of its landscapes are the best setting to taste its gastronomic traditions, where Mapuche cuisine delivers its best recipes.

Lake Llanquihue, the second largest in Chile, invites you to enjoy water sports and explore its shoreline that connects with towns and cities such as Puerto Varas, Frutillar and Puerto Octay that stand out for their characteristic German style.