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Chile reopens its borders to foreign tourists as

of October 1st

With prolonged quarantines, strict sanitary measures and, above all, vaccination, Chile is reaping positive results and showing all its success in tackling the pandemic caused by the coronavirus that affects the world. So much so that, in the Andean country, 87.49% of the target population (15,200,840 people) is already fully immunized. What’s more, as of this Wednesday (9/15), more than 2.5 million people have already received booster doses.

In recent days, the positivity of contagion by the coronavirus remains below 1% and, after a year and a half, there have been no deaths from the disease (according to the Government report of September,14th). Therefore, the country is becoming safer for its residents and future visitors.

On October 1st, Chile will advance in the reopening of its borders. This means that foreign tourists will be able to enter and leave the country through the airports of Santiago, Antofagasta and Iquique, under certain conditions.

Entrance to Chile
Foreigners who do not reside in Chile, a category that includes tourists, can enter the country and must have:

Sworn Statement C19, which can be obtained on the website
This declaration ensures that the passenger must comply with the Chilean sanitary measures. It also serves to clarify that tourists will be monitored and will be aware that the conditions to visit the country may be modified according to possible changes in the local epidemiological scenario. In this declaration, it is required to inform the name of the companion, if any.
* The airline will require the document before boarding.

Negative PCR
Negative PCR, with sample collection up to 72 hours before boarding.
* The airline will require the document before boarding.

Travel Insurance
Travel medical insurance (minimum coverage of 30 thousand dollars).

Mobility Pass
Mobility pass obtained on the website, as of September, 16th.
To obtain the pass, it is necessary to go through the validation process of the vaccines taken in the country of residence (unvaccinated minors will not be able to obtain the document and, consequently, will not be able to travel).
Obtaining this pass can take up to 30 days. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the process well in advance before closing the trip. Without it, it will not be possible to travel.
* The airline will require the document before boarding.
** All vaccines approved by WHO are accepted in Chile.
* At least 14 days after the second dose of the vaccine.

5 Days of Isolation
Upon entering the country, all tourists must comply with a strict 5-day isolation at the hotel or address indicated on form C19. During this period, the Mobility Pass will be blocked and the passenger will not be able to carry out ANY external activities (tours, restaurants, etc.) and will be monitored by the health authorities during isolation, at any time of the day or night. In case of serious failures, one of the sanctions can be the permanent blocking of the Mobility Pass, preventing tourists from moving within the country.

For this first meeting, the transfer from the airport to the hotel must be done in a private vehicle and without stopping at any point in the city where you will be staying.

* If the tourist is positive for Covid-19 when entering the country or during their stay in Chilean territory, it will be necessary to perform isolation in a place and for a period determined by the health authorities. Remembering that the stay is the responsibility of the tourist.

At any time during the trip, the tourist must comply with the use of a mask, alcohol gel, hand washing and physical distance.