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Tips to enjoy the Santiago winter (without freezing)

Winter arrives in June and lasts until September. Here in Santiago, for example, temperatures oscillate between 18° C and 3° C, it can even reach below zero.
Especially in the morning, when the feeling is very cold: wear gloves, thermal clothing, hats and/or ear protectors.
Protect your feet well, with warm socks (or even two pairs). In addition to socks, wear closed shoes, if the forecast is rainy or you are going to visit some place with snow, choose waterproof shoes (it would be horrible, if you accidentally wet your feet).
Use thermal shirts, or second skin, which help (and a lot) to warm the body and waterproof jackets, which will keep you protected and dry until the end of the day.
Sunscreen and sunglasses, especially if you go up the mountain, especially if you have a nice sunny day (studies show that, for every 1,000 meters uphill, the harmful effects of the sun increase by 15%).
Whenever possible, drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate to keep your body warm.