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In Santiago, visit the Franklin district

Also known as the Matadero district, its beginnings are related to the construction of the slaughterhouse in 1847, consolidating itself as a commercial and supply center for the southern area of Santiago, where products were distributed to central and southern Chile. After the crises of 1979, the slaughterhouse closed its doors, and in 1982 the sheds were handed over to street vendors. The neighborhood acquired its importance during the 1990s, and there are still several butcher shops from that time.

Currently its main characteristic is that it concentrates more than 4,500 commercial establishments, in particular, artisan workshops, small businesses, antiques, Creole food, clothing, furniture, pets and garage sales. It is a popular center of great commercial activity.

Unmissable tourist spots:
– Santa Lucrecia Parish;
– The Drop of Milk Building;
– Plaza and theater Huemul;
– Gabriela Mistral House (Nobel Prize for Literature);
– Slaughterhouse Market;
– Santa Rosa Factory (Art Gallery);
– Franklin Factory (Gourmet Stores);
– Persian Commerce: Bio Bio, Victor Manuel, Nuevo Placer, Paseo Santa Rosa and Mall del Mueble;
– Gastronomic pole.

It is possible to tour the Franklin district walking between 3 and 4 hours. Its fairs open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00 am, located between Franklin Street and Bio Bio Street. Having an average of visits of 30,000 people daily.

How to get there: the simplest way is to go to the Franklin Metro station (Line 2, yellow) and then walk less than 5 minutes, the first shops begin to appear.