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Half Day Tour
Walking out of the hotel. The best way to see the Puerto Varas city is to walk from one end to another and observe their unmistakable german inspired architecture, modern residential developments and beautiful gardens.
One of the highlights is the colorful and impressive Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, which was founded in 1853 by German and Swiss settlers who came to populate southern Chile. At the main centre, its streets and boulevards adorned with roses offers comings and goings of people who enjoy their snack bars, teahouses and restaurants.
Two natural viewing points are the Calvario and Phillipi hills, from both an amazing view of the city and surroundings, get a notion of the mesure of Llanquihue Lake and the evergreen landscape. Heading up the downtown streets, we will discover historical treasures declared cultural heritage. The Kuschel and Niklitschek Houses are just a few that keeps the real essence of the German culture of the early XX century.
We will sail the crystal waters of Llanquihue Lake with its beautiful places, admiring the Bay of Puerto Varas that can only be seen in its entire splendor aboard a comfortable and cozy boat.
We will go deep in the history of Puerto Varas, enjoying a traditional German tea time, a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Return to hotel.

-Walking guide.
-Navigation for 1 hour.