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Full Day Tour
Departure from the hotel about 04:30 am. On this exciting tour, we will visit the impressive El Tatio Geysers, at 4000 meters above sea level on the Andean plateau.
Our journey to the Altiplano starts in the early hours, so we can watch the sun rise in one of the most important geothermic fields in the world: the Tatio Geysers. There are over 70 geysers with pools of boiling water spurting vapor.
It is best to see them first thing in the morning, so you can truly appreciate the beautiful contrast of colors between the intensely blue sky and the pristine vapor from the geysers. We will then enjoy a deserved breakfast in this amazing setting, in the shadows of the Andes.
This will allow us to warm up, as the temperatures in the zone can range from 28°F to 75°F. On our way back to San Pedro de Atacama, we will travel through some beautiful landscapes, seeing the valleys, flora and fauna.
We will then stop off in the village of Machuca, a truly atacameño village of just 20 houses built from clay, straw and cactus wood. The inhabitants of Machuca all dedicate themselves to its tourism and will offer hand crafted Andean souvenirs and typical food from the region.
While there, we will also visit the wetlands where we can see flamingos, ducks and birds of the zone. Return to hotel.

-Transportation from/to hotel.
-Driver guide.