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Rapa Nui

South America’s farthest border, Rapa Nui (native language) is an absurdly fascinating place. Isolated from the world, it is 3500 kilometers away from mainland Chile, with its Polynesian roots and landscapes worthy of paintings by the painter Pablo Picasso, such beauty.

Mysterious and fascinating, the place has pink sandy beaches, volcanoes and, of course, its more than 1000 moais, huge statues carved from volcanic stones, from 1 to 10 meters high (weighing up to 80 tons). The statues are scattered all over the island and are silent witnesses to a complex society that has all but disappeared.

The most sought after tours on Rapa Nui are those that pass through the Rano Kau and Rano Raraku volcanoes and the ceremonial village of Orongo; Anakena beach with its own moais; and Hanga Roa artisan market.

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