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Kutralkura Geopark

So, this wonder of nature is located in the Araucania region, in the paradisiacal South of Chile. With 8,100 square kilometers, the park is concentrated in four municipalities, which are Curacautín, Lonquimay, Melipeuco and Vilcún. On the grounds of the portentous green space, in addition to incredible fauna and flora, there is also the Llaima Volcano, one of the most active in the country – in total, the area comprises five volcanoes.

Created in 2018, the Kutralkura Geopark is a conservation effort and represents 250 million years of geological history in the Andean country. So much so that, in April 2019, Kutralkura was recognized by Unesco as the first Geopark in Chile. Incredible!